Tango Intensives Connection & Co-Creation

Intensive Workshops Program with Bora Erdem 

Be inspired and take your dance to new heights in a transformative Tango Intensive Program, focused on the profound themes of Connection and Co-Creation. 

DatesSaturday  April 13 ‘Connection’ 
                   15:30 – 18:00
                   19:00 – 00:00 Milonga Desde el Alma with pre-milonga                                                                                              workshop by Bora ‘What woman wants.
                                                                                                                     All about codigo’s’  
               Sunday  April 14 ‘Co-Creation’ 
                   13:00 – 15:30
Location:  Flor de Fango
Prices 1 Intensive – 40 euro; 2 Intensives –  70 euro

Limited spots are available to ensure a high level of individual attention. 

For registration and more information mail to


Slow down

     Melt into Silence


                     Give up resistance

Welcome another in your body


                           Say Yes to Tango Heaven

… Dance

Through a series of focused exercises and guided practices we will delve into the subtle nuances that create a seamless bond between partners, music and the dance floor. We will deepen our technical skills of communication, expand our sensitivity, and enhance the musical and emotional resonance of our dance.


‘If you dance

I’ll dance

And if you don’t

I’ll dance anyway’ (Lana del Rey)

There is No one Leader 

        No one Follower

                  There are Two Leaders

                              Two Followers

                     Two Co-Creators

                               Merg into One


In this intensive journey we invite you to step into a real where traditional notions of leading and following dissolve, paving the way for improvisation as a joyful result of co-creation. We unlock our true potential for creativity and master techniques to enhance our musical expressiveness. We practice Deep Listening and Soulful communication. 


A stellar dance teacher, outstanding social dancer, and esteemed organizer from Istanbul. Widely recognized for his gentle lead, impeccable musicality, smooth moves,
and exceptional floor craft skills on the social dance scene. 

With a background in karate (4th dan),  Dance & Sport Education, as well as extensive artistic work as an actor, model, and choreographer, Bora brings a unique blend of effortless movement control, expressiveness, and a distinctive improvisational style to  his dancing and teaching.

With over 20 years of experience in dancing and teaching, he has developed his own distinctive instructional methods, known as “organic tango,” focusing on simplicity, clarity, and precision. Bora inspires dancers to discover and develop their own dance styles, encouraging self-expression rather than imitation.